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At Woodstock Terrace, we pride ourselves on participating actively in our local towns. This involvement has generated many print, TV and radio news stories. A sampling of stories is coming soon.

Woodstock Terrace Celebrates Local Photographer's 94th Birthday 

Birthdays are an annual opportunity to celebrate life and the joy each person bring into the lives of others. It’s for this reason that Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living works with its residents’ loved ones to ensure they have a special day. Recently, Sherm Howe was on the receiving end of the senior living community’s birthday celebrations when he observed his 94th birthday. Howe was honored by family and friends who gathered and looked back on Howe’s amazing life story and all that he has done for the local Woodstock community. Recently, Valley News helped further celebrate Sherm by interviewing him about his career. 

Woodstock Terrace Veterans Prepare Military Care Packages in Honor of Veterans Day

Veterans Day is particularly meaningful for those who served and reminds us to stand alongside those who continue to sacrifice their lives on our behalf. In honor of this holiday, the veteran residents of Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living recently prepared care packages for a group of Marines who are currently deployed overseas. In addition to the packages, the recipients also received personal letters from our veterans , detailing their own service experience and sharing their encouragement. We were thrilled to have NBC5 join us for this meaningful activity.

Woodstock Terrace Makes Pet Treats for Animals in Need

There's little that compares to the unconditional love that comes from an animal. It’s this love that is experienced regularly by the residents of our community, as we are pet friendly and home not only to residents but many of their pets as well. Because we believe so strongly in the importance of animal companionship, we recently came together to ensure that animals without a “furever” home receive comfort and kindness. Residents prepared and baked special treats for animals which were delivered to the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society. Valley News recently shared photos from our treat making activity. 

Quilting Provides Woodstock Terrace Resident with a Lifetime of Purpose

When you think of an artist, you might visualize a painter using a brush to paint across a canvas. However for the past 40 years, Jean Conklin, 95-year-old resident of Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living, has been making art of another kind through quilting and knitting projects. Currently, Conklin is hard at work creating a one-of-a-kind quilt she hopes to enter in the Billings Farm and Museum annual quilt exhibition this summer. She is excited and looks forward to seeing how the exhibition will help her improve her craft. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and engage with the local quilting community. Recently, The Mountain Times showcased Conklin and her passion for quilting while serving others. 

June Racicot Receives Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award

 For the past four years, June Racicot has spent time volunteering with Zack’s Place working to help empower people of all ages with special needs to express themselves while developing bonds of friendship. Due to her dedication to giving back and willingness to serve others, Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living presented Racicot with the annual Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award. The senior service award acknowledges the important work seniors do to give back to their local community and is presented by Woodstock Terrace to a deserving senior volunteer who dedicates his or her time to benefit others. Additionally, Woodstock Terrace also recognized Zack’s Place for the organization’s commitment to providing special-needs individuals with resources to seek fellowship and creative outlets to express themselves. Following the award ceremony, Valley News shared June's story to continue honoring her commitment to others.

Woodstock Terrace Residents "Travel" to Cabo San Lucas

During the long winter months, it's not uncommon for the mind to drift toward the warm beaches of a tropical destination. While most may be unable to escape the cold, it's not stopping the senior residents of Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living, who are currently working hard to reach the sandy shores of Cabo San Lucas as part of the community's destination walking program. The annual activity is a three month long competition among residents in which they accumulate miles, or points, through various events and activities to help them reach the figurative beaches of Cabo. These activities are designed to challenge them physically, mentally and psychologically as they accrue miles to reach the beach before their neighbors. The Mountain Times recently highlighted residents efforts to reach Cabo!

James "Mac" McClelland Receives Senior Service Award

For the past eight years, James "Mac" McClelland has served the patrons of the Norman Williams Public Library as a volunteer, helping in various capacities repairing and repurposings books and assisting with the annual literary festival "Bookstock." McClelland embodies a strong dedication to serving others - especially seniors - through his volunteer efforts, and does so without any need or recognition. Because of his dedication to providing opportunities for lifelong learning and his willingness to serve others, Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living presented James "Mac" McClelland with the annual Woodstock Terrace Assisted Living Senior Service Award.

Pen pals delight in new friendships

Residents at Woodstock Terrace are teaching the art of writing and receiving letters to a new generation. 20 fourth graders at Woodstock Elementary have been trading letters with the seniors for several months, who are learning to write letters as part of their school curriculum. The goal is for the kids to build a connection with the seniors they might not otherwise meet, and learn about their lives. The Rutland Herald shared the story on this unique connection found between two different generations in their newspaper.

'She's a Super Sweet Lady'

80-year-old Anne Herz, volunteer at the Thompson Senior Center and Woodstock Terrace, was honored for her dedication in serving her community by receiving the 2015 Woodstock Terrace Senior Service Award. At the Thompson Senior Center she co-facilitates two support groups for caregivers of family members with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and also volunteers during Woodstock Terrace’s social hour. The Vermont Standard visited the award ceremony and shared Herz’s inspiring spirit of giving back.

Young Volunteers Bring Joy to Terrace Residents 

Two young volunteers at Woodstock Terrace are making a major impact because of their enthusiasm and creative approach to volunteering. Carly Langan and Michael Leavitt spend time each week at the community and enjoy spreading joy to residents through activities like reading groups and playing games. The Vermont Standard shared the impact of these young volunteers with a wonderful article about their commitment to building meaningful connections with the residents in fun and unexpected ways.



Woodstock VT senior living resident reading on the porch.

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